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Pumpkin Keychain Pattern


SC- single crochet      MR- magic ring 

INC- increase              DEC- decrease 

1) 6 SC MR 

2) inc around 

3)( 2 Sc then inc) repeat around 

4) (3 sc then inc) repeat around 

6-9) sc around 

10) (3 sc then dec) repeat around 

11) (2 sc then dec) repeat around 

12) (1 sc then dec) repeat around 

stuff pumpkin about 3/4 of the way. 

13) dec around than tie off. leave a long tail as we will use this to create the indentions on the pumpkin. 


You will then insert the long strand of yarn through the center of the pumpkin (center of your last row where you tied off) and pull out through the other side. 

Then insert the strand at the top of the pumpkin where you closed off and pull through to the bottom of the pumpkin as you did before, pull tight. Repeat this as many times as  you want I usually do 8 times.
Tie off. 

*Please message me on Facebook or Instagram @creauresandcuties if you have questions or need a video reference. 


1) 4 SC MR 

2) Sc in back loops only 

3-4) sc 

tie off leave a tail for sewing.