Will You Support the Devil’s Child?


Thank you for visiting Creatures And Cuties. 

I’m Little Nicky and I am the owner of the shop. 
My goal is to make everyone feel confident and proud in themselves with no apology or regret. I hope to give a place of acceptance to every misfit and black sheep out there. 

I create handmade, crochet products as well as my brand apparel. 

Everything is handmade by me which means it does take time to send out orders but they are made 100% with love and unique just like you! 


A little bit about me... 

I have always been the black sheep and sometimes struggle to be unapologetically me. Knowing the struggles I have dealt with, I wanted to create a brand that allowed others to feel confident being themselves and not feel pressured to fit in with the other sheep. 

I want others to feel the freedom of being themselves without hesitation and to be proud of their uniqueness because we were not meant to be the same. 

All of my items are handmade by me and every item will be slightly different than another, just like us. 

So find pride in who you are and enjoy the freedom of being yourself without hesitation, regret, or apology!